Radio Frame structure of 5G-NR

Numerology – Subcarrier Spacing

  • As we know in LTE we have only one type of subcarrier spacing i.e 15Khz.
  • NR support multiple type of subcarrier spacing .
  • NR supports a flexible OFDM numerology with subcarrier spacings ranges from 15 kHz to 240 kHz with a proportional change in cyclic prefix duration.
Numerology – Subcarrier Spacing

Below diagram will be showing subcarrier mapping based on numerology

Supported Channel mapping with numerology

  • Its Not like that every numerology can be used for every physical channel.
  • Numerologies has been specified as per certain type of physical channel.

Numerology, Radio Frame Structure and Slot Length

  • Slot Length changes depending on numerology.
  • Increase in subcarrier spacing will decrease slot length.
  • Symbol per slot will same based on slot configuration like for configuration 0 number of symbols for a slot is 14 and for configuration 1 it will be 7.

Numerology, Radio Frame Structure and Slot Length

Radio Frame Structure based on different numerology

30 khz
60 khz
120 khz
240 khz

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