5G Use-Cases

 If you compare LTE, 5G is not the Technology which deals with data rate. so, when you talk about 5G use cases it talks about the data rate, the Ultra-low latency and huge number of device connectivity.

As we have extended 5G from eMBB to MMTC to URLLC, we are seeing the demand for huge users, multiple applications, devices, high data rate, video streaming, gaming, downloading has increased drastically.

In 5G basically we will talk about below three use cases: 

  • eMBB :    enhanced mobile broadband 
  •  mMTC :   massive machine type communication
  •  URLLC :  Ultra reliable and low latency communication

So, from the above three types of use cases, we can see mMTC and URLLC are basically the subset of IOT (Internet of things). 

In above we can see latency plays a very Vital role in many cases such as virtual reality, V2V communication, real time traffic car control, e-health, Industrial Automation etc.

  now let’s talk about each use cases

eMBB : enhanced mobile broadband 

So, when we are talking about enhanced mobile broadband, the major point that we took into consideration are

  • Huge multimedia content
  • High traffic capacity
  • HD video streaming

From the above table we can see the video type like 4K ,8k streaming requires a high data rate like 75 Mbit/s,150 Mbit/s and 300 Mbit/s . So this is one example of eMBB which supports high quality video, huge multimedia content and high traffic capacity.

mMTC :   massive machine type communication 

This name itself talks about the maximum number of devices connected. Focus areas are 

  • transmitting a relatively low volume of non-delay-sensitive data
  • Devices are required to be low cost
  • very long battery life

We can take an example of farming. So we can deploy multiple machines which are connected to each other for checking soil condition, looking for water requirements ,and checking crops growth. and all the activity Can be handled and monitored through one centralized system.

URLLC :  Ultra reliable and low latency communication

URLLC Is basically focused on throughput, latency and availability. There are few examples through which we can relate this use case.

  • Remote medical surgery
  • Transport safety
  • Driverless car (V2V communication)

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