Secondary Synchronization Signal (SSS) in 5G-NR

SS Placement and Timing:

  • SSS location illustrated within SSB’s time-frequency structure.
  • SSS occupies third OFDM symbol in SSB, spanning 127 subcarriers.
  • UE identifies SSS timing after detecting PSS.

Periodic Transmission:

  • SSS transmitted periodically in alignment with SSB timing.
  • Occurs at the same SSB periodicity.

Frequency Domain Characteristics:

  • SSS takes up the same frequency space as PSS.
  • Shared frequency filter for PSS and SSS detectors.

Associations and Sequences:

  • 336 SSS sequences linked to 1-of-3 PSS sequences.
  • Reflecting the total of 1008 possible Physical Cell Identities (PCIs).

Sequence Generation:

  • SSS crafted using BPSK-modulated Gold sequence of length 127.
  • Gold sequences offer numerous mutually low-correlated sequences, advantageous for the substantial count of SSS sequences (336).

Generation Process:

  • Gold sequence produced by multiplying two BPSK-modulated m-sequences.
  • Cyclic shifts for m-sequences determined by PCI.
  • SSS sequence, length 127, mapped onto 127 subcarriers.
  • Subcarriers ordered sequentially from subcarrier 56 to 182.

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