5G Videos

Hi everyone we put all videos in one tab. Please go through this.

5G Basic Fundamental (day 1) || techlteworld (TLW)

5G Architecture (day 2) || techlteworld (TLW)

5G-NR Frame structure (day 3) || 5G || techlteworld (TLW)

#5G-NR #SS-Block (Part-1) (Day 4) || techlteworld (TLW)
#5G-NR #SS-Block (Part-2) (Day 5) || techlteworld (TLW)
#5G-NR #MIB/SIB (Part-1)(Day 6) || techlteworld (TLW)
#5G-NR #MIB/SIB (Part-2)(Day 7) || techlteworld (TLW)
#5G-NR #5G-NR RRC STATES (Day 8) || techlteworld (TLW)
#5G-NR #SRB (Signaling Radio Bearers) (Day 9) || techlteworld (TLW)
#5G-NR #Radio Network Temporary Identifier (RNTI) (Day 10) || techlteworld (TLW)

RACH (Random access Procedure) in NR 5G NR (Day 11) || techlteworld (TLW)


LTE || Synchronization Signals (PSS and SSS) ||techlteworld (TLW)

CSFB (Circuit Switch Fall Back) and Logs Overview LTE || techlteworld (TLW)

LTE Handover Concept  LTE || techlteworld (TLW)

RACH (LTE Random Access Procedure) LTE  || techlteworld (TLW)

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