LTE Q & A (13/11/2020)

Until the UE is paged and bearers are setup which node is responsible to buffer the packets for the mean time in LTE? A. PGW B. PCRF C. SGW D. Visited PCRF Where is PCEF situated? OCS UDR PDN GW… Read More ›

LTE Q & A (21/10/2020)

1.Components of TAI TAC,MNC TAC,MCC MNC,TAC,MCC TAC,MNC Ans. MNC,TAC,MCC 2. ERAB Consist of S1 and S5/S8 Bearer Radio and S5/S8 Bearer Radio and S1 Bearer S1, Radio and S5/S8 Bearer Ans. Radio and S1 Bearer 3. Default bearer uses Non-GBR… Read More ›

Function Splits in ORAN/5G-NR:

Function Splits in ORAN/5G NR: Centralized baseband processing was introduced several years ago to ease installation of base stations in large buildings. Digital radio interfaces and remote radio heads (RRHs) both was enabled by it, which allowed the connection between… Read More ›

LTE Handover Concept

Types of Handover in LTE Categorization of Handover (EPC Entities are Changed or not) in three kinds Intra-LTE Handover Inter-LTE Handover Inter-RAT Categorization of Handover (EPC Entities are Involved or not) in two types X2 Handover S1 Handover Basic Concept… Read More ›

5G-NR Frame structure

Numerology – Subcarrier Spacing As we know in LTE we have only one type of subcarrier spacing i.e. 15Khz. NR support multiple type of subcarrier spacing. NR supports a flexible OFDM numerology with subcarrier spacings ranges from 15 kHz to… Read More ›