LTE Q & A (14/11/2020)

1.    How many S1AP ID is created in initial attach procedure of LTE?   A.   One B.   Two C.   Three D.   Depends on resource availability     2.    Volte Supported UE at the time of emergency call will create.  … Read More ›

LTE Q & A (21/10/2020)

1.Components of TAI TAC,MNC TAC,MCC MNC,TAC,MCC TAC,MNC Ans. MNC,TAC,MCC 2. ERAB Consist of S1 and S5/S8 Bearer Radio and S5/S8 Bearer Radio and S1 Bearer S1, Radio and S5/S8 Bearer Ans. Radio and S1 Bearer 3. Default bearer uses Non-GBR… Read More ›