LTE Q & A (14/11/2020)

1.    How many S1AP ID is created in initial attach procedure of LTE?   A.   One B.   Two C.   Three D.   Depends on resource availability     2.    Volte Supported UE at the time of emergency call will create.  … Read More ›

Function Splits in ORAN/5G-NR:

Function Splits in ORAN/5G NR: Centralized baseband processing was introduced several years ago to ease installation of base stations in large buildings. Digital radio interfaces and remote radio heads (RRHs) both was enabled by it, which allowed the connection between… Read More ›

ORAN Introduction

Introduction Before understanding the architecture of ORAN, First we need to understand the LTE architecture which consist of EPC,eNB and the RF Antenna Unit. The functions in LTE RAN are split so that the Baseband Unit (BBU) and the Remote… Read More ›