5G-NR Q&A (20/10/2020)

1. In 5G-NR Extended Cyclic Prefix (CP) is supported in which subcarrier spacing 15 kHz 60 kHz 120 kHz 240 kHz Ans. 60 kHz 2. In 5G-NR when we are using numerology-2 what would be the Slot length? 0.25 ms… Read More ›

5G-NR Q&A (15/10/2020)

1.In 5G, UE in RRC IDLE cannot move to RRC INACTIVE FALSE TRUE Ans. TRUE 2. 5G-S-TMSI is allocated by SMF AMF UPF AUSF Ans. AMF 3. What does CSI consist of in 5G-NR CQI,RI,PMI LI,CRI SSBRI,CQI,RI,PMI,LI,CRI CQI,LI,RI,PMI Ans. SSBRI,CQI,RI,PMI,LI,CRI… Read More ›


5G NR-(MIB/SIB) System information System Information (SI) is consisting of 2 parts- MIB (Master Information Block) SIBs (System Information Block) In NR there are two version of SIBs . One being transmitted periodically same as LTE Other one is transmitted… Read More ›

SS Block in 5G-NR

References: 1) 5G NR The Next Generation Wireless access Technology by ERIK DAHLMAN, STEFAN PARKVALL, JOHAN SKOLD. 2) 3GPP TS 38.211 version 15.2.0 Release 15 ,5G; NR; Physical channels and modulation. To enable devices to find a cell when entering… Read More ›


Radio Resource Control (RRC) states for NR There are Three RRC states in NR RRC IDLE RRC CONNECTED RRC INACTIVE Note :UE in RRC IDLE cannot┬ámove to RRC INACTIVE RRC IDLE To complete cell selection and cell reselection ,the SI… Read More ›

ORAN Introduction

Introduction Before understanding the architecture of ORAN, First we need to understand the LTE architecture which consist of EPC,eNB and the RF Antenna Unit. The functions in LTE RAN are split so that the Baseband Unit (BBU) and the Remote… Read More ›