5G Call Flow (eNB – gNB dual connectivity)

ENDC -Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) which enables 5G services and 4G network. UEs supporting EN-DC can connect simultaneously to LTE Master Node eNB and 5G-NR Secondary Node gNB. UE first register with 4G EPC through ENDC. Based on UE supportability it… Read More ›

5G-NR Q&A (15/10/2020)

1.In 5G, UE in RRC IDLE cannot move to RRC INACTIVE FALSE TRUE Ans. TRUE 2. 5G-S-TMSI is allocated by SMF AMF UPF AUSF Ans. AMF 3. What does CSI consist of in 5G-NR CQI,RI,PMI LI,CRI SSBRI,CQI,RI,PMI,LI,CRI CQI,LI,RI,PMI Ans. SSBRI,CQI,RI,PMI,LI,CRI… Read More ›


5G NR-(MIB/SIB) System information System Information (SI) is consisting of 2 parts- MIB (Master Information Block) SIBs (System Information Block) In NR there are two version of SIBs . One being transmitted periodically same as LTE Other one is transmitted… Read More ›

SS Block in 5G-NR

References: 1) 5G NR The Next Generation Wireless access Technology by ERIK DAHLMAN, STEFAN PARKVALL, JOHAN SKOLD. 2) 3GPP TS 38.211 version 15.2.0 Release 15 ,5G; NR; Physical channels and modulation. To enable devices to find a cell when entering… Read More ›


Radio Resource Control (RRC) states for NR There are Three RRC states in NR RRC IDLE RRC CONNECTED RRC INACTIVE Note :UE in RRC IDLE cannot┬ámove to RRC INACTIVE RRC IDLE To complete cell selection and cell reselection ,the SI… Read More ›