LTE Videos

Hi everyone ,welcome to the page .We have consolidated the list of LTE Videos that we have in our Youtube channel. Below we have added list with links.

LTE Architecture

LTE Frame Structure (FDD and TDD)

LTE-4G Protocol Stack

Synchronization Signals (PSS and SSS)

DCI (Downlink Control Information) in LTE

RNTI (Radio Network Temporary Identifier) in LTE

Radio Bearers (SRB-Signaling Radio Bearer and DRB-Data Radio Bearer) in LTE

LTE Channels: Logical, Transport and Physical Channels Details and Mapping (Downlink and Uplink)

Throughput Calculation in LTE (FDD & TDD)

LTE UE Power ON Procedure # LTE Cell Search Procedure

CSFB (Circuit Switch Fall Back) and Logs Overview

LTE Handover Concept

RACH (LTE Random Access Procedure) in LTE

LTE Authentication and Security mode with wireshark logs

Timers in LTE