Functional split Option 7 & ORAN Alliance Specified Split option 7.2x

In this option as shown in Fig below the lower physical layer functions and RF circuits are located in the DU(s). The upper protocol layers including the upper physical layer functions reside in the CU. There are multiple realizations of… Read More ›

5G-NR Q&A (15/10/2020)

1.In 5G, UE in RRC IDLE cannot move to RRC INACTIVE FALSE TRUE Ans. TRUE 2. 5G-S-TMSI is allocated by SMF AMF UPF AUSF Ans. AMF 3. What does CSI consist of in 5G-NR CQI,RI,PMI LI,CRI SSBRI,CQI,RI,PMI,LI,CRI CQI,LI,RI,PMI Ans. SSBRI,CQI,RI,PMI,LI,CRI… Read More ›

Function Splits in ORAN/5G-NR:

Function Splits in ORAN/5G NR: Centralized baseband processing was introduced several years ago to ease installation of base stations in large buildings. Digital radio interfaces and remote radio heads (RRHs) both was enabled by it, which allowed the connection between… Read More ›


5G NR-(MIB/SIB) System information System Information (SI) is consisting of 2 parts- MIB (Master Information Block) SIBs (System Information Block) In NR there are two version of SIBs . One being transmitted periodically same as LTE Other one is transmitted… Read More ›

LTE Handover Concept

Types of Handover in LTE Categorization of Handover (EPC Entities are Changed or not) in three kinds Intra-LTE Handover Inter-LTE Handover Inter-RAT Categorization of Handover (EPC Entities are Involved or not) in two types X2 Handover S1 Handover Basic Concept… Read More ›