MIB (Master Information Block) and SIB (System Information Block)

MIB (Master Information Block) MIB – Master Information Block Periodicity – 40 ms at RRC (10 ms at Physical Layer) Location – 1st Subframe 2nd  Time Slot First 4rth  OFDM Symbol Channel – PBCH Information Elements (I.E)-  SFN Number of… Read More ›

LTE Protocol Stack

LTE Protocol stack is divided into Three Layers. Layer 1 (Physical Layer) Layer 2 (PDCP,MAC,RLC Layers) Layer 3 (NAS and RRC Layers) Functions of each Layer. NAS: 3GPP TS 24.301 EPS bearer management Authentication Paging origination EPC connection management-IDLE mobility… Read More ›

LTE Q & A (21/10/2020)

1.Components of TAI TAC,MNC TAC,MCC MNC,TAC,MCC TAC,MNC Ans. MNC,TAC,MCC 2. ERAB Consist of S1 and S5/S8 Bearer Radio and S5/S8 Bearer Radio and S1 Bearer S1, Radio and S5/S8 Bearer Ans. Radio and S1 Bearer 3. Default bearer uses Non-GBR… Read More ›