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  • 5G-NR Frame structure

    Numerology – Subcarrier Spacing As we know in LTE we have only one type of subcarrier spacing i.e. 15Khz. NR support multiple type of subcarrier spacing. NR supports a flexible OFDM numerology with subcarrier spacings ranges from 15 kHz to… Read More ›

  • ORAN -Why,What,When?

    Now question here comes in mind Why,What , When ORAN. Why ORAN: Most of the CAPEX required to build a wireless network is related to the RAN segment, reaching as high as 80% of the total network cost. Any reduction… Read More ›

  • 5G Architecture

    Non-standalone E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity (EN-DC). UE is connected to NR and LTE simultaneously. One eNB can be connected to many gNB and vice versa Non-Standalone Base Station Architectures using the 4G Core Network (Options 3,3a and 3X) In both cases,… Read More ›