LTE Q & A (14/11/2020)

1.    How many S1AP ID is created in initial attach procedure of LTE?


A.   One

B.   Two

C.   Three

D.   Depends on resource availability



2.    Volte Supported UE at the time of emergency call will create.


A.    Will not use any PDN

B.   A new PDN Connection

C.   Will use PDN that network Allow

D.   Will use old PDN


3.    In HARQ what the max number of MAC PDU Retransmission is


A.   8

B.   2

C.   4

D.   Depend on data length


4.    If UE is in Idle state and need to attach and move into connected state. In that scenario while sending attach request UE will get attach through








5.    Logical channel prioritization in MAC is done where and in which direction


A.   UE-Uplink

B.   UE-Downlink

C.   E-NB Uplink

D.   E-NB Downlink


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  1. Good way to test the lte knowledge. But pls post answers also

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